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Binary Targets Based in Rogers, Arkansas

Boombinarys based in Rogers, Arkansas, has produced binary targets to bring enjoyment to people who want to blow things up, without facing legal repercussions. People within a 1-mile radius will know when you hit your mark!

What is a Binary Target?
These targets, which are sold in a jar, explode when shot.  Each weighs a pound and is 3" tall x 3" inches wide. The exploding targets explode when shot with a center-fire rifle of 2200 fps. Choose between a single target, 4-pack for $32.00 a 6 pack for $45.00 or a 12 pack for $87.00. Contact us for bulk pricing. Coming soon, the 5lb.BEAVER DAM BUSTER!!

Why Use the Exploding Targets?
Besides having the most fun you have ever had blowing things up, the targets make shooting practice more convenient. You no longer have to utilize a spotting scope to find where you hit. With the exploding target, you know when you made your mark.

Aiming, Binary Targets in Rogers, AR

How safe are they?
The only way to detonate BoomBinary targets is to shoot them with a center fire  rile. I repeat, the ONLY way to set them off is to SHOOT them. Just shoot them from a safe distance. ATF approved for your personal use.

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